Sunday, 1 July 2018

Communication means in digital marketing:Is it necessary to compromise ethics?

The world of digital marketing and the digital space is not totally dependent upon the clicks of mouse buttons and mouse clicks are not the appropriate measure. The digital space itself is far and wide: social networks, corporate forums, emails, data requests, and portals, etc. prove the width of the digital arena itself. Just like cyber security, digital marketing needs constant monitoring and surveillance. Also, the digital world is not constrained to a few boundaries as well.

Digital Marketing

The era of outsourcing helped many firms curtail costs in basic levels of digital promotion but as soon as Facebook rose to prominence in developing and developed countries, the controls of digital marketing moved back to developed nations due to rising incidences of cyber-crimes and cyber theft were employees of outsourcing hubs in developing nations, India, in particular, was accused of theft and left a bad impression of governance of business and economy of both developed and developing nations. Ethics were often compromised as individuals sitting in remote locations sold unauthorized versions of various products and software to unsuspecting customers resulting in many innocent people getting scammed for a lot of money.

At the University level, the theories of business process management, reengineering, outsourcing, and cost-cutting became vague and useless. During the presidency of Barack Obama, Manufacturing and other service jobs returned back to the U.S.A thereby in terms of writing assignments, more practical information was needed. Secondly, since websites are accessible from any global location, extra hours were added as well as flexible timings just to ensure bogus requests were being filtered out. Digital marketing became a discipline in the field of marketing across developed nations onwards from 2012, which stressed on the importance of serving the intended target markets through the usage of legal and ethical techniques in targeting markets and customers. However, in some nations, digital marketing is covered by marketing communications, advertising and brand management and writing assignments for such needed a lot of practical information.

British Essays Help stressed on all of its student clientele to serve business in the best interests of their communities, nations and societies, and that too in the best principles of business ethics. In terms of Writing Assignment, British Essays Help has always guided students in providing the most up to date practical information in their digital marketing assignments. Digital marketing and communications aren’t limited to social media and that placing ads on websites (YouTube for once) is not just a hard task but a responsible one as well. Alcoholic beverages, contraceptives, and firearms cannot be promoted and sold to underage children i.e. on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel. Similarly, such cannot be done on the websites of Disney and baby TV as well. Same goes for Teenagers, We cannot advertise luxury companions and vice versa but for them, website access has to be filtered out as well as the content. Also, the threat of a cyber-attack by hackers is so imminent that your entire website can be relabelled; the content could be manipulated badly. Lawsuits in these matters can be very cumbersome for corporations as fines and settlements often outstrip the budget. With tablet and mobile devices becoming more common, the digital arena is an interesting place to advertise but ethically.

With tablet devices around, multiple taps on a screen don’t necessarily mean multiple orders for any particular product/service and that too from a single device. The Internet Protocol (I.P) address of the particular mobile device has to be necessarily detected in order to filter out ‘taps’. We can say in the end that digital marketing itself can overburden marketing professionals easily and this section needs concentrated cooperation from all angles of the firm.

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