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How To Use Online Tools To Search Information For Your Assignment?

How To Use Online Tools To Search Information For Your Assignment?Assignments can be particularly difficult to put together especially if you have only a limited amount of information to put into it. That does, in effect mean that your research is incomplete and you need to get assignment help immediately.

The most common and in fact the best advice, as well as aid that anyone could give at this point, is to go online, and, over the Internet, search for the right kind and amount of information that could help you put together the best possible project.

Here, however, is where most students meet their match and lose out. This is because most students appear to be genuinely unaware of how they can use online tools to gather more information that they could then use in the written task that their teacher has set them.

What research really means?

Most students do not realize that there is an entire process behind all the research that they are being asked to do. In this case, it is important that students understand, most importantly, that research does not simply mean taking their entire question or topic, putting it into Google, Bing or Yahoo, whatever the search engine of their choice may be, and then looking for matches.

  No, the first thing that students need to do is look for all the gaps in their knowledge and understand that researching means realizing where they are lacking information and which areas they specifically need to get knowledge of.

  The next thing to do is get out the specific keywords that particularly targets all the gap areas in that knowledge that the students have gathered thus far. At this point, it would also be a good idea to get together all the synonyms for all the keywords that they have put together.

  The next thing to do is to figure out the kind of information that is needed here. For instance, a simple project introduction may not need an in-depth search of various abstracts that one may easily find online. A methodology or literature review work does though.

How to search using online tools?

Once that has been done, it is time to get down to basic researching. This in itself requires a student to employ their ingenuity and come up with different ways in which they can refine their search. In this case some of the best tools available online for free are:

  • Google Scholar

Helps students get access to millions of papers, research articles, and abstracts posted up by students and organizations from across the world.

  • Google Books

Google Books has link backs to well over a million books and can easily help any student refine their search by allowing them to pursue as many books as they may wish to, about any topic of their choice. This alone can help students ensure that all the work they do is given a more authoritative tone.

  • Microsoft Academic

Like Google Scholar, this too is one way that students can use their favorite browser to get back to millions of papers and search through just what they feel will make their work appear the best.

Finally, not everyone was born a true researcher able to get the best out of an online search. So if you need professional help, contact us at British Essay Writers.

Kristin Smith
Kristin Smith

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