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How To Keep Your Scope Of The Dissertation Focused?

How To Keep Your Scope Of The Dissertation Focused?

When writing a dissertation, there are a number of aspects of the work that students need to keep their eye on, not the least important among which is the need to constantly ensure that the scope of the dissertation remains focussed at all times. That requires more skill and a lot of practice on the part of the students. Here are some ways in which students can make sure that the dissertation that they write is to the point and meets the needs of their particular topic.

Clarifying Focus

Here is how to do it:
  • Make sure that the thesis statement is very focussed:

    The topic is the most important part of any research work since it helps the student in question to keep a track of the direction in which they are planning to take their research. With this in view, it is most important that students ensure that they have fleshed out the topic to the maximum possible extent. Instead of leaving any part of the topic vague and undefined, now is the time for students to ensure that they get as precise as possible so that they will not run into trouble later. At this stage, it is also advisable, and in fact, very important, for a student to identify the direction as well as the scope in which the work will be going. For instance, in research about health care and insurance companies, simply putting these two keywords in the thesis statement is not enough. It is just as important to focus on the way in which the student plans on relating these two. So for instance, a better and more focused statement would be:

Healthcare insurance must not be only accessible but should also be affordable by all.
  • Allow readers to understand one’s point of view in the paper by giving them clues as to the stance that the writer will be taking

The thesis statement is the part of the work which will be the first thing that anyone reading the research will also see, then whether it is the committee assessing the work or the supervisor who has been assigned to help the student with the work. Here the students must again assess the statement. Is it to the point? Does it open up the topic of the research paper properly? Does it ensure that the way the topic, as well as the idea behind the research, has been explained in a proper as well as relevant manner? These are those features of the statement that will clue in the reader as to what stance the writer will be taking with the work. With that in mind, the sample statement should now read:

 Healthcare insurance must not be only accessible but should also be affordable so that those who need it most may benefit from it.
  • Making one’s own position clear

This is the most important part of the statement, where the student comes up and clarifies their own position irrevocably. In this case, it is time to ask questions such as who needs health insurance, who can ensure it, or what the stance on employer-provided insurance is.
So the statement could become something like:

The government should mandate, via law, accessible and affordable health insurance to people who are above the income-level accepted for government health programs but do not have access to employer-provided insurance.

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