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Creating Value for Your Dissertations

Writing a dissertation during your higher education years might be the toughest undertaking you have ever encountered, however here are some tips and tricks through which you can make it more scoring for your own self. Down below are mentioned the ways through which you can evidently make your dissertations more valuable and hence accomplish academic success through better grades:

Proofreading, because it is necessary:

What really matters by the end of the day, regardless of what you write within your dissertation, your evaluator will be focusing on forced and unforced errors you make in your writing and use of English language. Proofreading helps you remove all grammatical, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and syntax errors. This literally makes your paper look flawless and picture perfect for your evaluator who would naturally grade your paper with better marks.
Creating Value for Your Dissertations

The next time you write your paper make sure to check for the following:

    ⚫ Spelling blunders.
    ⚫ Missing punctuation marks.
    ⚫ Typographical errors.
    ⚫ Improper sentence structures.
    ⚫ Syntax mistakes.

Editing & formatting, since looks matter:

The first thing that any on-looker would notice about your dissertation is how it is presented and how well does it incorporate the factor for readability. When you are editing and formatting your document what literally happens is that your work becomes more organized and looks better. An edited and formatted written work also reads well and hence the overall value of written work increases tremendously.

In order to edit and format your document, simply do the following:

Create a Cover Page / Title Page
Insert Table Of Contents

Add Page Numbers
Use Headers & Footers

Select suitable font size (9-12 are reasonably good options) and legible style (i.e. Arial, Calibri, and New Times Roman are readable).
Uniform line spacing, text alignment, and paragraph indentation throughout your document.
Construct a bibliography section for your references and citations.
Make use of renowned and acceptable referencing system i.e. APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, OSCOLA or any other approved by your academia.

Comprehensive Research along with references & citations

For your dissertations conducting all-inclusive research on your topic will understandably create values for your work. Research provides you with loads of valuable information regarding the subject matter and this actually makes you gain an authoritative voice for your written work. With statistics and figures backing your every claim the worthiness of your work will obviously make you stand above the rest of the crowd.

When you quote someone else’s work it is important that you reference and cite them accordingly. Using multiple references and citations form authentic and verifiable sources also increase the value of your work as the evaluator or your course instructor would now the amount of  the research you put in your dissertation to get these sources to be cited within your document.

Submitting on time

If you are a student and you are assigned a dissertation to be delivered to your academia, then it is without any further doubt that a deadline has been also attached to the designated task. These deadlines or due dates as most would like to call them, are predefined by the course evaluator and nothing can change. Either you submit your work on time or you submit it after the due date, the consequences are for you only to bear. The thing with dissertations is that only when they are submitted on time do they reflect the sincerity of the writer, and when the deadlines are missed poor grades and marking of work is the end result.

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Kristin Smith

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